Monday, August 12, 2013

Live Streaming with Kiera Cass

Fans of the series, The Selection, by Kiera Cass had the opportunity to converse with the author via tweets on August 12, 2013!

I was extremely happy to be a part of this livestream, because, like many of the Selection fans, I had a few questions that I definitely needed answers for regarding The Selection, The Elite, and the final book of the series, The One. Kiera, or KiDiva as we are now allowed to call her, spilled a few beans... BUT, she outright refused to tell us the color of the third book! Yes, she's seen it!!! (Most fans are hoping it's white) And, of course, who the "One" is going to be. >.<

Kiera answered a broad variety of questions ranging from how she met her husband to whether or not she was ever angry at any of the characters while she was working on the series.

She also mentions that she will eventually have a new work out after The One is published on May 6th 2014 by Harper Teen.

Anyway, here is the video of the livestream, where you'll maybe find out things about this series that you didn't know before.
* Watch *

Clicking on the book covers leads you to Amazon
(The One cover is fan made)

The Selection Book One The Selection Book Two The Selection Book Three Fan Cover

What I can tell you about The One

1. This is fan made, but Kiera has seen the real one and won't tell. Still very pretty.~
2. It is completed (Kiera's done writing the entire thing), but it's still being edited by the team at Harper Teen.
3. There is a new and crucial character whose name we don't know.
4. A certain female character makes an appearance again. She's not any of the selection past or present.
5. Not everyone will be happy in the end.
6. There will be no ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) 
7. Comes out May 6th, 2014. 
8. It will be awesome. 

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