About Me

Hello everyone!

I am Sephora, like the beauty store, but I am not named after it. I am an 18 year old student artist in her freshman year of college who has too little time on her hands. Originally, this blog was not a blog at all but a place to catalog all of my reads. I didn't know Goodreads existed. I was encouraged to start a blog by my mentor and school librarian/reading specialist during my senior year of high school, thus came Forest of Words. I bring a book with me just about everywhere I go and I'm always reading, so it made sense for me to do something like this. I am fairly new to the blogging world, so please treat me well!

Things to be aware of
  1. I'm Haitian and proud
  2. I'm an Otaku (Anime & manga? Where?!?!)
  3. I am a K-Pop/K-Drama addict
  4. Coldplay and Skylar Grey? Any day.
  5. You can contact me via Email ˚ Goodreads ˚ Twitter ˚ other Email
  6. You can follow this blog by clicking on 
Thank you for stopping your visit. I hope you enjoy your stay and spread the word.~

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