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The Sharing Moon by Christy Campbell

Title - The Sharing Moon
Author - Christy Campbell
Series - None
Release Date - September 2nd, 2013
Publisher - CreateSpace
Format Acquired - eBook via Amazon

Elijah is different. He's confused. And he used to be alive. When eighteen year old Elijah Solomon dies, so do all of his memories.  A mysterious message sends his lost soul back to change the life of one girl, and relive a very intriguing world. It isn't easy having a second chance, Elijah soon realizes. Dreams reveal clues from his past he isn't prepared for. Seraphina Adams lives with her emotionally distant mother and battles the darkness in her own mind. After the loss of her father, Sera finds that opening up and learning to trust can be the hardest things to grasp. Until she meets Elijah, the most beautiful boy she's ever seen.

Before saying anything else, let me first get this off my chest: I've never read a story that tugged at my heartstrings so hard before.

When I first got the notice from a Goodreads group that there was a new book available for Read & Review, I was thrilled after reading the synopsis. The Sharing Moon sounded like a cute read, and my initial thought was that it would be a break from the stories I'm used to reading.

I wasn't prepared for The Sharing Moon at all; that is to say, I was completely blown away by the plot, the characters, the moods, the everythings, in the best possible way! Campbell did not just write a book that tugged at my heartstrings a little, it felt like my heart was playing tug of war with an invisible force. I was expecting a rather simple tale about second chance and I received a whirlwind of twists, turns, and heartache.

Elijah, even though he is a lost soul who hardly ever gets a straight answer from the forces of the universe who decided to give him the second chance in the first place, tries very hard to do what is asked for him. He's persistent, friendly and very protective of the number one girl in his life. Not to mention that he's perhaps the most beautiful boy that has ever existed (and he's existed twice!). I admire the way Elijah is pretty much the "force of good", smiling and encouraging, even though he has his own demons to battle. And he does it all for the sake of Seraphina.

Seraphina is a broken soul, someone who tries but cannot seem to find the value in her life. I mean, unless you read it, or you've known someone who deals with extreme depression, you wouldn't believe that this girl is the way she is. I thought she that the mood swings would get annoying after awhile, but nope. Her darkened mind only made me want to read even more. That sounds really really bad, but I swear that it's a good thing. She becomes Elijah's number one priority, she is the girl that needs to know that life is a fragile thing and the girl that desperately needs saving.

Leah. Now she was annoying. I understood her purpose in pestering Elijah at every unconscious moment, but goodness! Ugh! That girl is just a ball of frustration. I just wanted to throw things at her every time she became part of the story.

As for Campbell's writing when it comes to The Sharing Moon, I thought that styling the story in the present tense was a genius approach. And it was done in a way that made the tone of the story very interesting. In short, it made me unable to stop reading. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I couldn't NOT finish this book in one go. I read it on the bus, while walking to class, while I was in class, when I knew I should have been taking care of other things (cough cough, homework)... I needed to know how it all ended because it was just so good!!!

The only problem I had though (uh oh), was the fact that the characters talk like they're reading a script (which they are in a way). Sometimes is was okay, but other times it distracted me from what I was reading because it didn't flow as well as it should have. BUT, other than that, The Sharing Moon was a pleasure to read. If I had a physical copy of it... IwouldfindawaytomakeElijahmine.

Thank you Christy Campbell, for gifting me with an e-Book copy of this awesome book.
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