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Forbidden by Amy Miles

Title - Forbidden
Author - Amy Miles
Series - Arotas Trilogy
Release Date - November 3rd, 2011
Publisher - Self Published
Format Acquired - eBook via Amazon

Roseline Enescue didn’t ask to become an immortal, to have all of the guests at her wedding slaughtered, or be forced into marriage with a man whose lust for blood would one day ignite the vampire legend.Willing to risk everything for a chance at a normal life, Roseline escapes to America, but her transition into the human world isn’t easy. Mortal men flock after her while cutthroat girls plot her demise. Yet she remains relatively unfazed until she meets Gabriel Marston. As their lives entwine, Roseline realizes he is more than he seems. His ability to grind concrete into dust pales in comparison to the glowing cross tattoo that mysteriously appears on his forearms.Despite the forbidden bond between them, Roseline can’t help wondering what Gabriel is. He’s not human. He’s not immortal. So just what is he?

The story didn't go where I thought it would at all. I expected more blood and hostility, especially after read in the prologue. It's really completely different than what I wanted it to be about.

I was impressed by the first couple of pages, like I said. Bloodthirsty bad guys? A girl turned immortal against her will but decides to do something about it? Yes, please! But as I read on, my reactions were more like:

"Oh, gosh! Please don't let this be another story about a girl who falls in love and their love triumphs over everything..."

Roseline, who I thought was a cool chick in the beginning, turns out to be very needy. For a person who has lived for a very long time, she acts like she was born yesterday. She is easily persuaded to go out and do "normal teenage stuff" (what does that even mean???) with her new "friends" instead of keeping a low profile. Sadie is the typical best friend that you find in every other YA literature. She means well, but her existence is a bit of a pain.

Gabriel, the high school quarterback, has a crush on the gorgeous new girl, and of course, he's dating the most popular girl in school who he doesn't even really like. He makes a point to pin after Rosaline (because he doesn't understand that popular girlfriends don't like when their guys go after the unpopular girl) and they create this weird bond together.

The only person that I can actually say that I liked was Rosaline, but even then that's pushing it.

The plot could have been more fluid, more detailed. I just want something deeper than what I read! It wasn't horrid, but it wasn't exactly my cup of tea, either. Writing style-wise, I only half-liked it. I appreciate the Miles' use of narrating in the presence, but with this particular story and how it progressed? Did not work for me. I also appreciate the effort of trying to make the setting to be like a real high school with high school-ish situations; however, it didn't feel like those things came from experience. It felt more like the author read and heard a lot about what it's like to be in high school in this day and age and just decided to piece the most known "facts" together for this book.

I say "facts" loosely because I never went to high school like that... There needs to be a lot more editing done to this story, because it's still a diamond in the rough! I can see myself liking more if a lot of things were changed.

Forbidden (The Arotas Trilogy, #1)
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