I am using my own rating system, but it does not stray too far from say... Amazon or Goodreads. Remember that ratings are based on my opinions of the book and does not reflect personally on the author.

5 Stars  - Absolutely Amazing! I've fallen in love!

I highly recommend this book! I don't care who you are or what you like; YOU NEED THIS BOOK IN YOUR LIFE!

4 Stars - I really liked it and I need to own it

Some things were a little off for me, but it was a great read and I would most definitely recommend it as well as read it again.

3 Stars - I liked it. It was good enough

I enjoyed the story enough, but was bugged by quite a few things that didn't allow me to give it a 4 Start rating. 3 Stars is GOOD, people!

2 Stars - It was OK. Wouldn't read it again, though

I wouldn't push you to read this book, but I wouldn't stop you from reading it either. Too much was off for me. Although I don't mind reading it once, I can honestly say that I don't need it in my life.

1 Star - Nope. Not ever picking this up again!

Run the other way. This is not something that should have been published when it was published (in my opinion). Needs more than "a little bit of work" done on it. Why did I decide to read it in the first place?!?!

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